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Skager crossing Skagerrak!

The 13. August Skager 660 is heading for the boat exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark. Obviously, we could have taken the boat with us on the ferry from Norway to Denmark, but isn´t that a bit too boring? Skagers seaworthiness makes it possible to get to Aarhus the good, old-fashioned way; at sea!

With the open edition of the Skager 660, we will be crossing the Skagerrak strait. Out on the open sea, the boats abilities are to be tested thoroughly. First stop is Skagen, the picturesque fishertown at the northernmost tip of Denmark, before sailing the last stretch to the Boat Show in Aarhus.

You will get access to live updates with video clips, pictures and text throughout the whole expidition. There will be details about weather and wind conditions, and of course about how the Skager 660 is managing the high waves of Skagerrak. Follow us live on Twitter, Facebook, and here at!

10.08.10: Departure, Langesund, Norway
10.08.10: Arrival, Skagen, Denmark
11.08.10: Departure, Skagen, Denmark
11.08.10: Via Laesoe, Denmark
12.08.10: Arrival, Aarhus Boat Show, Denmark