Boating the simple way

Over the last few decades, the Nordic lines in the boating industry have become known for userfriendly, comfortable and nostalgic vessels. Skager 660 preserves and continues this tradition.



Skager 660 has a stable and solid hull. With a long keel, wide waterline, and ballast, the boat is well equipped for rough weather conditions.



Skager 660 self-drains all rain and sea water. This means less maintenance, and leaves you with more time to go out sailing!

Customise your boat and receive a special offer on Skager 660, tailored from your preferences!

The 10. august 2010 we crossed the Skagerrak strait in an open boat. Read about the expedition here

Norwegian TV2 has tested Skager 660 on their morning show. See the clip here!


Skager offers a handmade boat with many small but vital features, all of which contribute to extending the life of the boat. With a solid GRP laminated hull, penetrating bolts and screws, and a fully casted inner hull Skager 660 is well fit for a life at sea for many years to come. The vessel is designed and produced exclusively in Norway, painstakingly built by craftsmen using traditional methods. Each member of the team has several years experience in the trade, and a constant focus on high technical quality for every boat produced is maintained.


Onboard safety was an essential factor during the development of Skager 660. With a high freeboard, good manoeuvrability and seaworthiness, many of the most effective safety-precautions have been taken into consideration. The shape of the hull and the keel makes the boat easy to handle in rougher seas – even with three people on the gunwale, heeling is barely noticable. The boat is equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine, made in Japan and known to be a loyal and reliable machine at sea.


A low fuel consumption and high performance gives Skager 660 a high environmentally-friendly profile. With a 28 hp engine, the boat does 13 knots. We prioritise the environment throughout the whole process, from the factory to the sea.